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Tragedy Averted As Building Collapse Rocks Agbado District Comprehensive High School: Alumni Seek Urgent Government Action

AGBADO, OGUN STATE – Agbado District Comprehensive High School was plunged into chaos last Saturday when a one-storey building collapsed during a heavy mid-afternoon rainfall, leaving the community in shock. 

          Eyewitnesses describe the incident as a calamity waiting to happen as a result of the government’s failure to respond to distress calls on the dilapidated building.

        The collapsed building, which had been a cause for concern for over fifteen years, finally succumbed to its weakened state, posing a serious threat to the lives of students and staff.

         Mr. Kolawole Adelani, a 47-year-old welding technician and resident of Oke Aro, provided a harrowing account of the incident.

       “We witnessed the secondary school building collapse before our eyes. It happened during today’s rain. The building has stood there for more than fifteen years, plagued with structural issues.

        “Everyone feared that such a tragedy was imminent. Thankfully, no lives were lost. We are grateful that divine intervention protected us”, Mr. Adelani stated.

          Mr. Ganiyu Olowu, President of the Agbàdo District Old Students’ Association (ADCHSOSA), confirmed the building collapse and emphasized that it was a disaster foreseen.

         “Today, during the early afternoon rain, a long stretch of multiple classroom one-storey building collapsed at our Alma Mater, Agbado District Comprehensive High School in Oke Aro,” Mr. Olówu said.

         While expressing relief that no lives were lost, Mr. Olowu pointed out that the alumni association had repeatedly alerted the Ogun State Ministry of Education about the deteriorating condition of the building and the potential danger it posed to students.

         “As stakeholders working with the State Government to ensure holistic education across the state, we drew the attention of the former Commissioner for Education to the alarming state of the building.

        “We were assured that a team would be sent to inspect the site. While they did visit, no action has been taken on this massive classroom project initiated by Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello many years ago. As we speak, there are parts of the collapsed building that can cause more havoc when students are around”, Mr. Olowu posiyed.

         The alumni president further raised concerns about the government’s understanding of the importance of Agbado District Comprehensive High School, particularly considering its proximity to Lagos State.

         “For reasons of safety and infrastructural presence, we are pleading for the attention of the State Government on the present state of the Agbado District Comprehensive High School,” Mr. Olowu added.

          Agbado District Comprehensive High School, established in 1980 by Chief Olabisi Victor Obasanjo, the first Executive Governor of Ogun State, lies on the border of Lagos and Ogun States.

          However, the state of infrastructure within the school premises has deteriorated to an appalling level, reflecting a system plagued by negligence and a lack of prioritization for student safety and welfare.

        The collapse of the one-storey building at Agbado District Comprehensive High School serves as a stark reminder of the dire consequences that arise from neglecting critical maintenance and failing to address potential hazards within educational institutions. This incident demands urgent accountability from the authorities responsible.

        As the Agbado community and concerned citizens mourn this devastating incident, the Alumni body is calling upon the Ogun State Government, under the leadership of Governor Dapo Abiodun, to take immediate action.

         It is imperative that swift measures are implemented to assess and address the overall safety and infrastructure concerns at Agbado District Comprehensive High School, ensuring the protection and well-being of the students and staff who occupy its premises.

          The tragedy must serve as a catalyst for change, spurring the government to prioritize the safety of educational institutions and invest in the future of the next generation.

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