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Major Reasons Why You Can Never Impregnates A Woman

The issue of men not being able to impregnate women and father a child is widespread. Although the society places more emphasis on the women which are quick to admit the fault is theirs when couples do not have children.
There are a number of things that could be responsible for a man’s inability to impregnate a woman and these things go beyond the regular infertility problems that are always being discussed.
Young men who are not married may think they are smart enough and have become experts when it comes to the withdrawal method during sexual intercourse with women. Many pride themselves by assuming they are too good in bed and know all the techniques to be deployed in order not to make their girlfriends pregnant.
Some men have the belief that having sexual intercourse from a particular angle would prevent a woman from getting pregnant and as such do not pay attention to the pending threat of them not being able to impregnate women in the future.
Being able to impregnate a woman is not based on a man’s strength during sexual intercourse. A man could be a horse in bed and still not deliver the necessary sperm cells to impregnate a woman.
There are certain underlying factors that may prevent a man from impregnating a woman; find some of these factors below:

1. Regular sex
Men who have sex on a daily basis are more likely to stand at risk of not being able to impregnate a woman. Men’s sperm count could decrease by half if they ejaculate on a daily basis. This has a serious impact on their health at the long run as it reduces the chances of the swimming sperm in reach the woman’s eggs.
Also, men who masturbate from time to time are also at risk, even though they are not pulling in and out of a woman’s vagina, they still spill some of their beans when they replace the sweet warmness of a woman’s core with their palms. This in all means, the quality of the sperm produced reduces with constant ejaculation.

2. When there is a fault at the tip of the penis
Sometimes, there could be a problem with the male reproductive organ in the sense that the urethra opening may not be placed properly. This medical condition is known as hypospadias. The hole at the tip of the penis is very important and ought to be well placed; if it does not sit at the right spot then it could prevent a man from impregnating a woman.
When it is noticed in babies at births, they go through a surgical procedure to correct this anomaly. Most men do not notice this displacement or see it as being normal. Having a misplaced penile hole could mess up the movement of the sperm and prevent it from reaching a woman’s cervix or eggs. Artificial insemination may be an alternative for men like that.

3. Placing the laptop directly on that zone
While it may be comfortable to place the laptop on your laps and work, it also has serious hazard attached to it when the laptop is very hot. Men who are often exposed to high temperatures may not be able to impregnate women.
Heat can have a direct impact on the sperm cells and make them denatured; hot tubs and Jacuzzis also heat up the nuts and affect the productivity and motility of the sperm.

4. Wrong diet
Eating the wrong food can also mess up with your hormones and prevent you from impregnating a woman. Eating food that contains lots of dairy and soy nutrients would hike up your estrogen level.
When the estrogen level is on par with your testosterone level, the production of sperm is bound to fall. This situation can be savaged by eating fruits and vegetables in addition to using multivitamins.

5. Smoking
Smoking is believed to be an inhibiting factor when it comes to impregnating a woman. Although, the correlation is not well understood; smoking affects the circulatory system and toxins could be deposited into the blood stream through the intake of marijuana and weed. This could prevent a man from impregnating a woman eventually.

6. Inherited low sperm count
Some men do not want to believe the fault is theirs when they are trying out for kids with their wives. Low sperm count is what most people know to be the main reason for infertility, but some men also inherit this and do not know they have a problem until it is almost late.
Also, occupation drugs, some antibiotics, and obesity could also affect the testicles

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