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”I’m Sorry For Everything” -Harrysong Begs Kcee

Harrysong, singer and songwriter, has apologised to collaborator Kcee for saying “he knows nothing about music.”
The singer said this in a video released on social media by Planet TV where he also offered apologies to Five Star Music.
“I want to say thank you to my friends and family. Thank you to my Five Star family and I want to say I’m sorry especially to Kcee, to my Five Star family,” the Reggae Blues singer said.
“I’m sorry for all those words said in anger. I miss my family; you don’t expect me to be fighting with my family forever. Everybody, we are one family. Kcee, you were one of the men that loved and supported me when I was coming up.
“We no go allow somebody put sand sand for our garri. Kcee, I love you so much. E-Money and the Five Star family, I love you so much.”
Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, owns Five Star Music and he’s also the brother of Kcee.
“Ladies and gentleman, I am back with my family. I don’t to hear anybody say anything anymore,” Harrysong added.
In 2016, the singer left the record label to set up his own outfit, AlterPlate.
Harrysong said he ditched Five Star because his contract “expired”, accusing the record label of being unappreciative of the numerous songs he had written for them.
However, in a press statement released by Five Star Music, Harrysong was accused of breaching his 3-year contract.
The label said the singer/songwriter was meant to release three albums, but he never came through on his end of the agreement.
Both parties have since been on a warpath which led to Harrysong being twice arrested.

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