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Davido Cries Hot Tears, Reveals What His Gang Doing To Him In US For Months

The DMW boss and leader of the Thirty Billion Gang (30BG) has been in the United States of America for close to three months, promoting his 2017 hit record, “Fall” as well as composing his sophomore album.

He’s been in the United States not all by himself as he took along his thirty billion gang members as well and they have been living lavishly since they got there, going to clubs, luxury restaurants, expensive boutiques to shop and a lot more.

And just a few hours ago, Davido took to his Instagram story to reveal they are beginning to have financial challenges as the lifestyle they have chosen to settle for in America is becoming really tasking.

He revealed even the combination of the financial strength of the 30BG gang is being heavily strained.

He wrote on his Instagram story; Life is getting expensive! Jesus helps us. We don hook for Hollywood, #30BG Dey shake for this side o.”

Could this mean Davido is getting broke already??? We definitely didn’t say that but while we are on the matter of extravagant lifestyles, I think we should revisit some of the expensive things the singer has gotten himself in recent times.

Davido had spoilt himself for all his hard work so far last year with a wristwatch whose price is enough to buy a duplex. When you work so hard and make so much money, then it’s okay to spoil yourself with all the goodies and that’s exactly what Davido did by acquiring a wristwatch worth N90.2M.

Believe it guys, Davido has a thing for luxury items and when he decides to buy an item, be sure that it is going to be pretty expensive. Davido had shared a photo of his pretty expensive diamond encrusted Franc Vila wristwatch on his Instagram page on Tuesday, October 16, 2018. In his usual manner, he captioned the photo of the watch with the quote “Nu nu.”

Also, you will recall a few months ago, Davido actually shocked everyone when he shared photos of his newly acquired private jet. Davido had stepped up his game as he had gotten for himself a private jet.

The music star took to his Instagram page on Thursday, August 9, 2018, where he shared a photo of the newly acquired private jet. Fans and admirers of Davido went wild in jubilation as he added the jet to his luxury items making him one of the richest celebrities from this side of the world. But the act was later turned to be a hoax as the jet was that of his father, Chief Adedeji Adeleke.


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