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Yeehhh! I Can Never Be Poor – Oyedepo…As Papa Eagle Still Soaring @ 69


Many years back, in one of the many celebrations of The Mandate, the Copeland’s (Kenneth and Gloria Copeland) where in Nigeria to celebrate with the Church.

And when it was time to introduce the matriarch of the Copeland family, Gloria, Bishop Oyedepo had these words to say. ‘This is the woman that taught me the mystery of prosperity.’

The question is how?

Bishop Oyedepo has always talked about how he took delivery of the keys of kingdom prosperity. In one of his numerous, ‘God told me in clear terms’ messages, he has often told Winners family’ how God’s prosperity plan is not a promise and therefore ‘does not answer to prayer and fasting.’ He would often add ‘until your part is played, He is not committed.’ All these and more culminated in the oft-repeated. ‘And I spinned and shouted, Yeehhh! I can never be poor.’ No one can tell the story more than Bishop David Oyedepo himself.

Hear him: “I had two major encounters that turned everything around in my life. First was March 22, 1982, while seeking and searching for kingdom secrets of prosperity. I was with the books of Kenneth and Gloria – great mentors, and I was searching God with my Bible on a 3-day adventure. I separated myself, you know the Bible says ‘Through desire, a man having separated himself seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.’ I said, ‘Lord show me the secret of kingdom prosperity.’ On the 3rd day, light broke out from heaven, it came to me like an intoxicant, and it turned me on like hot wine, I stood up after I found it, and I spinned and screamed ‘Yeehhh! I can never be poor!’

“Whatever I found that night, you too be set to find it out now, and you shall be free forever. Not that I’m free from debt; I have never been in it! From 1982 till date, I have never needed to pray for what to eat; I have never called on anybody on phone, or knocked on any door, for any form of aid. God is no respecter of person. If you can see what I saw, and engage yourself the way I did, you will be sharing the same testimony.”

Congratulations to Papa Eagle and happy 69th birthday to father of faith, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo.

*Tope Olukole, a Journalist at topeolukole8@gmail.com writes in from Lagos.

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