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Widow Cries Out For Justice Over Land Where Dangote Fertilizer Plant Is Built

A widow, Mrs. Foluke Onabanjo (55) has cried oud loud to people of Goodwill to help her impress on the owner of Dangote Industries Ltd over the land where the multi-billions naira fertilizer plant was built.

Giving details of the allegation, Mrs.Onabanjo revealed that his late husband, Surveyor Victor Onabanjo owned the 37 acres part of where the industry was sited.

“By the virtue of the agreement my husband had between him and families of Eriki and Caleb of Okunraye (owners of the land) who commissioned him to do the perimeter survey of their 222.251 acres of land situated at Okunraye, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State, my husband is entitled to a plot of land per every acre he surveyed.”

According to Mrs Onabanjo, “after the completion of the perimeter Survey and Documentation of the 222.251acres of land, before my husband could access his 37 acres, he died suddenly.”

The widow noted that his late husband took huge loans to executed the project, but lamented that the lenders from whom her late husband borrowed the huge amount of money invested on the survey project now mounting pressure on her for payment, thinking we’ve received compensation on the land.

Upon this embarrasing pressure, Mrs. Onabanjo said that she approached and asked the two families to show her the exact location of the 37 acres that was allocated to her husband, according to the agreement, apparently for her to dispose it and use the money to offset the huge loans, and also takes care of the children the deceased left behind.

Her words, “On getting to Eriki family, I was told that Dangote Industry Ltd has taken possession of the whole surveyed 222.251 acres, including my husband’s 37 acres.

“The two families however said neither the Dangote’s company nor Lagos State Government has paid for the landed property.

“Consiquent upon this, 2023 makes it about five (5) years since the first of the several letters of appeal were written to Dangote, but the management of Dangote Industry Ltd has been brazenly ignoring my pleas, at least to kindly consider the impoverished children of their deceased father.

“Till this moment, Dangote has not deemed it fit to show any iota of humanity to me and the children, upon whose landed property Dangote’s multi-mllion dollars fertilizer plant is built.”

The widow continue, “I had contacted some journalists in October 2022 for a press briefing to assist me in reaching out to Alhaji Aliko Dangote himself, being the owner of the Fertilizer Plant which is built on .y husband’s 37 acres the Company has been making profit, but one of the journalists, Mr. Simon Fakeye, Publisher of RazorTimes told me to tarry awhile, saying that publishing such information may affect adversely the good reputation of the owner who is known worldwide as a responsible father and a true Patriot.

“But since then, the journalist has been giving me hope, perhaps not considering the fact that my condition is getting worse and unbearable by the day. For example, some minutes ago, you might observed that my daughter was talking to me. She pointed at her mates around, and asked if she would ever return to school.

“So far, the company’s management has shown to me that Dangote Industry Ltd cares less about humanity and fear of God.

“Candidly, in recent times, commiting suicide has been reccuring to me as a lasting freedom from the oppression, injustice, and lack of human feelings I’m getting from this issue; at least to join my husband wherever he’s gone to.

“But the agony of leaving behind my children to continue wallowing in abject poverty which has been our portion for the past 9 years now is my heartache.

“Against this backdrop, I told the journalist that, today if he can’t help me I would go to the NUJ Secretariat to seek for other journalists assistance.

“This is the reason I am here today. I have heard a lot about what the people of Ibese-Yewa in Ogun State are saying about Alhaji Aliko Dangote. My determination is to make sure I reach out to him believing strongly that if he find out the truth about the 37 acres, he would do justice.

“But if they would continue to abandon me, one of my plan B could be to carry out a protest, at the venue of the Commissioning of the Refinery coming up on Monday, May, 22, 2023, with the support of human rights activists and family members. But, I am so sure that if Alhaji Aliko Dangote, the owner of Dangote Fertilizer Plant, can get to read about my plight, he would put an end to the injustice before that day”, Mrs Foluke Onabanjo posited.

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