By Olukayode Salako

Today’s woman wants absolute freedom, while she wants to continue to restrict or gag that of her man; consciously and jealously possess her husband completely; control the home and the marriage and own the children absolutely.

The best role she wants the man to continue to play is, be there to meet her sexual needs and give her money to satisfy her material needs as well as those of the children, and, in most other cases, her own family members or siblings only. That’s all!

That is all she wants, especially when she is more financially endowed and socially prominent than her man.

So, today’s woman just wants to be in control of everything, while the man must continue to remain the docile donor of more children; morphological pleasure and money materials in the home alone.

There is no way that marriage won’t break someday; runs well and ever last long.

Most Ibo, Delta and Northern marriages run well and hardly break, because socio- culturally and religiously, the Ibo man and the Hausa man are wired to be in control of their marriages. To an appreciable extent, they run the shows and govern their homes. But in today’s Yoruba land, it is increasingly very difficult for men to achieve that with their women.

Yoruba women are now ‘socio-culturally’ becoming more of the western folks- in fact, more Western than the western women themselves. They want to continue to be maritally free and expressive to run it the way they like; confront, query and engage their husbands over every issue; own the children and run the laws in the marriage et cetra.

Go out there and see!

That is what has been happening in most today’s homes, especially in Yoruba land, where I come from. That is why marriage break ups are rampant more in Yoruba land in today’s generational era.

However, the truth be told, any marriage where the woman is in control or struggling with the man to continue to control it or the man is not allowed to assume his role; the woman is in charge and the man continues to feel less of himself, may not work; stand the test of time or run for too long.

That is why there are many broken homes out there!

Men hardly stay in a relationship, where their manly ego or self-esteem is being desecrated or bruised on daily basis.

Naturally, God did not create the man to operate his home under the absolute control and domination of his wife.

But, unfortunately for today’s man, his wife wants to be in control of his home; possess him absolutely; censor his freedom and be the owner of his children. All she wants him to be, is the obedient donor and the cheerful pleasure supplier of all she wants as the wife in the home.

That is all!

*Olukayode Salako is a Social Commentator; Public Affairs Analyst; Life Coach and Motivational Speaker.

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