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Why I Almost Stopped Music – Kizz Daniel 

Renowned hip-hop artiste, affectionately known as Kizz Daniel, has revealed that he contemplated quitting his music career after departing from G-Worldwide.

In a recent interview, the “Unleash” singer shared, “When I left G Worldwide, I felt like I lost everything, even my own name. At one point, I seriously considered walking away from music altogether. I entertained thoughts of venturing into business or any other field, except music. However, these melodies kept playing in my mind.”

He continued, “I had to summon my inner strength and start from scratch. I told myself that I couldn’t give up, and today, I’m grateful for not giving in. To all the aspiring young talents out there, you can make it on your own.

“If you find it necessary to sign a record deal, make sure to engage an entertainment lawyer to thoroughly review and explain the terms to you. It was tough for me to start from scratch, but not everyone can do it.”

An observer in the music industry expressed a valuable perspective, saying, “Talented young artistes should exercise caution in their pursuit of record labels.

“Once you grasp that record labels are primarily business entities focused on profitability and may not always prioritize your interests, you’ll become more discerning.

“If you do decide to sign a deal, please enlist the expertise of a lawyer, as there are certain terms that only a legal professional can fully clarify for you.”

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