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Unbelievable! Madness In Some Kenyan & African Churches

A reggae song by Max Romeo, ‘Stealing in the name of the Lord’ is just but the right reflection of the current situation in our churches if the current trend is anything to go by.

Just a question. Over the last two decades, what is the most high-profile thing the religious establishment has done in the quest to advance social justice in Kenya?

Corrupt politicians go to church to seek “blessings” therefore donating offertory. They are always praised for their huge contribution. This has negatively dented the image of church and other religious bodies.

Defiling and sodomizing boys and girls has become another common occurrence in our churches. A good example is that of a Sunday school teacher at Kasarani PCEA who was arrested for allegedly sodomizing 9 boys.

Preachers are called to speak up against glorification of wealth but in Kenya they dance and kiss ass for blood money.

Arguably, many Kenyans were born believers but the current church dramas have destroyed their believe. According to some, there’s is no hope in the churches like it was before.

Churches have now become criminal enterprises , most are actually listed as limited liability companies.

I personally wish the Church would remain a place of solace where the weak find strength, the rejected are welcomed, where people find peace but we have turned our pulpit to battleground for 2022 no wonder people are killing others through anger in our country.

Karl Max once said, “avoid the religion like the last plague. Religion is meant to stop you from thinking. Someone manipulates your mind through unnecessary quotes from the Bible which they don’t believe in. Indeed, the religion is the opium of the mass.”

Below are some comments made on this issue….

@ismunyui: “Loot money take it to the church and they accept it with open hands this is rooting evil in the church! It must be stopped!#TheseChurches”

@WangoJuma: “#TheseChurches i know of a church in eldoret with a notice that you cant give offerings using coins. The church is located between dola and kimumu. The church tithes offerings and regular harambees are used by the pastor/bishop to start personal businesses in town”

@Evangelinekari5: ” The height of corruption in our churches.#TheseChurches”

@GraciSmalls: “#TheseChurches are looking for the devil in the details…….”

@intellect_ke: “#TheseChurches held a presser saying they will accept money without questions amidst laughter and giggles. Aren’t these church leaders also corrupt? What are they so hungry for this money and perpetually? Where is the morality and integrity of the church?”

@campus_counsel: “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control#TheseChurches”

@Kipezer: “Politicians have discovered that many Kenyans worship in churches and believe all that is said and preached there. They have therefore devised ways of befriending the worshippers. #TheseChurches”

@El_ProfesorKe: “How about we put requirements on  #TheseChurches ? In my neighbourhood am surrounded by 4 churches, mabati zote, n on sunday speakers utolewa nje, guess they are in competition who shouts louder.”

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