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President Buhari Consider Us In Your Ministerial Appointment – AMLSN


The Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to consider them in his ministerial appointment by appointing a Medical Laboratory Scientists into his cabinet to revamp health sectors, especially now that the system is begging for serious attention of government.


         The calls was made by the national body of the association at a Press Conference in Abeokuta to commemorate the 199th National Executive Council Meeting, led the voice by the National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Casmir Ifeanyi, head  at the Edwin Hall, Beside Neu Gate Hotel,  MKO Abiola Way, Abeokuta.


        The AMLSN Publicity Secretary noted that the appointment of Medical Laboratory as members of the President Executive Cabinet and lieutenants, will indeed put an end to perceived bias in the appointment of health Ministers, affirming that the body convinced that Medical Laboratory Scientists profession is loaded with amplified practitioners who can help reposition the country health sector. 


        His words, ”it is disheartening to note that our hospitals in the country especially Federal hospitals Teaching Hospitals, and Federal Medical Centres across the country, Nigerian Doctors  who call themselves pathologist, have abdicated their primary duties as physicians to see and attend to patients; they now jostle as merchants for the procurement of medical laboratory equipment, reagents, chemical and diagnostics. Pretending to be running the medical laboratories, insisting on performing medical, Nigeria Doctors in gestapo – link manner, now lay siege on medical laboratories, performing medical laboratory testing, which is not integral to their training health sector.“


        Dr, Ifeanyi, pointed out to the “quackery practice presently in operation in most of the university of teaching hospitals across the country where between July 5 and July, 2019, the association have despicable incidents of Doctors taking laws into their own hands.”


        He further stated that, “the misled Doctors hijacked patients specimen, chased out and stopped medical laboratory scientists from performing their lawful duties as they took over the labs and churning out, issuing wrong and fake results for unprocessed samples to the patients.“ 


        He called for the support from the three arms of government in the country to rally support “for the association by putting in place necessary policies and it’s enforcement to put an end into the menace that has done a lot of damage to the lives of innocent Nigerians all in the name of seeking medical care.”


        His words “patients safety and quality of health service delivery amounts to guided quackery in the society health institutions, supported by CMDs and MDs, while the authorities of the Federal Ministry of Health turn a blind eyes because they seem to be in tacit complicity with this ploy to destroy the medical laboratory service system that will eventually deliver profound destruction to the Nigerian health system. This is aberration and the lives of medical patients in Nigeria are now in jeopardy.“


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