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Gov. Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State

Ogun West Deserve A better Deal


By Tunde Akinlade

Ohun ti o sonu ni Mosalasi koja bata ladani (what is missing in the Mosque is beyond Ladani’s shoe.

Just recently, a truck with a 20ft container strapped to it’s back fell Idiroko road, near Ansar ud Deen roundabout.

The truck got damaged, a lost to the owner of the truck. His source of income gone, driver and motor boy, if they are still alive are back in the labour market.

The goods in the container damaged, a big lost to the owner of the goods, factory workers waiting for the raw materials in the container can not work, they can not earn their pay, they are back in the labour market.

The truck why lying down on the road caused a little traffic jam, other motorists burn off fuel (money) in the traffic jam.

The impact of the truck further breaks the road and makes the bad condition of the road worst.

These are parts of the ripple effect of the criminal neglect of our roads.

Why I agree that it is important to continue to press for political power I think the most pressing issue now is how to make life worth living in ogun west.

This criminal neglect of our road is impoverishing us as a people and it is beginning to look as if it is deliberate.

Take away all the industries from Ogun West and Ogun West will be dead completely.

No new investment will be attracted to a location that does not have access roads, old ones will leave and our people who are working at this industries will lose their jobs.

They are not giving us government jobs and they also want to take away the private investors from our area so that we can die (God forbid).

I think why fighting for political relevance and power we should not lose sight of this weapon of mass destruction they have deployed against us.

We need to work a way out to address this too.

What the government will tell you now is that no meaningful work can be done on the roads at this time because of the rain. But the truth is that the rain did not just come suddenly, we know it will come at this time, what did we do during the dry season?

Moreover available technology has shown elsewhere that rain is no longer a big threat to road construction.

Pretty soon, campaign for second term will commence, I think our leaders should find a way to extract good commitment contract before they give us direction to follow and they should know that they will be held responsible for whatever comes out of it.

As the bird that lays the golden egg; Ogun West deserve a better deal.
Good morning.

*Tunde Akinlade is a staffer at Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomoso.

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