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Nigerians Slam Burna Boy for Disparaging Fellow Nigerian Musicians

Burna Boy, the Nigerian music superstar who recently won a Grammy Award, is facing backlash for making what many perceive as disrespectful comments about his Nigerian colleagues in a recent interview.

          During the interview, Burna Boy remarked that “Nigerian songs do not have substance.”

In his own words during the interview: “Ninety percent of Nigerian musicians have no real-life experience, which is why most Nigerian music, African music, or Afrobeats as people call it, is mostly about nothing, literally nothing.

“There is no substance to it… Like, nobody is talking about anything in it. It is just a great time. It’s an amazing time. But at the end of the day, life is not an amazing time.

“No matter how nice of a time you are having now or you had at some point or you plan to have, you are still going to face life.”

Burna Boy’s statement provoked strong reactions and anger from many Nigerians who view his comments as arrogant and disrespectful towards his fellow Nigerian musicians. Social media platforms were flooded with criticism directed at the singer.

Some of the comments include: @zoneforme: “Give yourself a round of applause, Burna Boy. You’ve just made more enemies in the music industry.”

@Waleoniru: “Burna Boy is letting his pride consume him.”

@Fionafionaa: “Did Burna just say Nigerians sing about nothing? Isn’t Burna Boy Nigerian too? Unbelievable.”

@pirateonsocialmedia: “Has Burna Boy started again? The person who begged Grammy to give him a small award now thinks he’s a little god. Unbelievable.”

@Charles Kumolu: “No doubt, Burna Boy does own the Afrobeat scene right now. His stage presence and delivery are magnetic. However, consistently belittling his own people (Nigerians) don’t make him a bigger person.”

@Emmsholumade: “You have a Grammy, but you lack common sense. Humility pays, Burna. Stop acting like you own music.”

@Markontwitter: “Is ‘Odogwu’ trying to turn into ‘Odiegwu’?”

@Lindababy: “Even Wizkid wouldn’t speak like this; it’s only Burna and Davido who make such comments. Nonsense.”

While recognizing Burna Boy’s accomplishments and stage presence, critics reminded him that belittling other Afrobeat artists diminishes his own reputation. They emphasized that his music isn’t fundamentally different from what he criticized in others.

The incident has ignited a larger conversation about humility, respect, and unity within the Nigerian music industry.

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