The celebrated Nollywood actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima has said that entertainers in Nigeria give little or no attention to their health and it is worrisome.

Fiberesima, a former beauty queen in an exclusive interview with PULSE on the death and health scare in the industry, said she was of the opinion that many of her colleagues do not care much about their health until it becomes too late.

Her words: “I dare to take a leap by asserting that research into a percentage of those who have gone for checkups this 2019 will yield shocking results.

“They simply do not care until it is too late; so imagine your average entertainer who indulges in alcohol, substance abuse and a frequent want on sexual activity.

“Sometimes they backed it with enhancers and caps it off with daily late and sleepless night than the required hours only to rush off the very next day as soon he or she gets the call to work.

“On location, he or she eats whatever he sees and drinks whatever he finds, napping in between cuts. They decides to forget the damage such a lifestyle does to their bodies.

“They decides to ignore the danger of their steadily rising Blood Pressure, which by the way is now one of the foremost killers.”

Ibinabo noted that though she would not condemn her colleagues for relaxing when it was done with moderation.

She added that in a situation where such becomes a daily way of life which in the long run is absolutely unacceptable.

“Heavy cigarette intake doesn’t damage the lungs in an irreparable manner. The only issues they worry about is malaria and typhoid and even then, they resort to self-medication till it gets too late.

“The harsh truth is the same colleagues who drink and indulge with you will never bail out their buddies when they are down.

“I mean they all knew what they were getting into ab initio, so once you’re down it is your bad luck, everyone awaits your candlelight procession and an opportunity to drink further in honour of the fallen.” she added.

Fiberesima, mother of three stressed the need for entertainers to take their health seriously.

She urged her colleagues not to indulge in unhealthy activities that might pose danger to their well-being.

“My candid advice to my colleagues is that, you only have one life. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. It’s irreplaceable.

“So you owe it to yourself at least for the sake of the family you’ll leave behind to take care of yourself. No one else will do it for you. Without apologies, there are a few of debilitating indulgences entertainers and other people can not do without.

“But like I always say, your health first and all these indulgences pale into insignificance when you hit the red zone,” she said.

The 46-year-old Miss Earth Nigeria pageant organiser said that artistes and entertainers should always remember their health before indulging in various activities that affect their health.

Fiberesima, an actress and ex-president of AGN and has contributed immensely to helping colleagues in order for them to stay healthy.

Recalls Nollywood has lost 15 of its members in the first five months of 2019.

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