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Why Mary Trump ‘Deeply Disheartened’ After Debate, Says, ‘Donald Doesn’t Need Favours’

USA  – Mary Trump, estranged niece of Donald Trump, expressed profound disappointment over what she perceived as undue favoritism shown to her uncle during the highly anticipated debate with President Joe Biden.

The debate, their first in Atlanta, Georgia, aimed to sway undecided voters with polls indicating a tight race over four months before the election.

Issues such as the economy, the Israel-Hamas conflict, immigration, and abortion were fiercely debated on TV.

Mary Trump, who joined Biden’s campaign in the debate spin room, criticized CNN moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash for their handling of her uncle.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), Mary Trump, a psychologist and frequent Trump critic, wrote: “I was proud to be a surrogate for team Biden/Harris tonight but was deeply disheartened by the egregious abdication of journalistic responsibility we saw on that debate stage. Donald doesn’t need any favors.”

During the debate, Bash and Tapper faced viewer criticism for not fact-checking the candidates or keeping Donald Trump focused on the topics at hand.

Barbra Streisand also chimed in on X, saying, “What is wrong with these two moderators who let Trump change the subject? They ask him a question, but then let him go on a rampage about something else. Not fair!”

Distractions were kept to a minimum throughout the evening, largely due to CNN’s decision to mute candidates’ microphones when they were not speaking and to forgo a live audience.

Ahead of the debate, Mary Trump, daughter of Fred Trump Jr., announced her presence in a Substack post, stating her intention to provide insights into the showdown.

“I’m in Atlanta tonight to remind everyone who Donald is as a person and how he would rule as president because the stakes are far too high for us to get this wrong – we cannot afford to allow Donald Trump anywhere near the levers of power again,” she wrote.

During the CNN Presidential Debate on June 27, 2024, Donald Trump faced off against President Joe Biden, while his niece Mary Trump was present in the Atlanta spin room. She has since criticized the moderation of the debate.

Mary Trump further expressed her belief that Donald Trump “cannot be trusted” and cautioned that his previous administration was merely a precursor to potentially more troubling times.

She warned against his tendencies towards “revenge” and “retribution,” emphasizing, “He is desperate for power and has shown himself both unworthy of wielding it and obsessed with regaining it purely for his own benefit. He must be stopped.

“If the worst happens and Donald gets back into the White House, none of us who ever criticized him will be safe because revenge and retribution are what he traffics in. I’m here tonight because only President Biden can stop Donald and save our country,” Mary Trump concluded.

Mary Trump expressed her honor at being asked by the Biden campaign to appear in the spin room, emphasizing her belief that it is crucial for America to fully understand her uncle and the potential consequences of another term for him

Reflecting on her concerns, Mary Trump had previously warned about the dangers of a second term for Donald Trump, asserting that he would “destroy us” if given the opportunity to return to the White House.

“In May, Mary Trump issued a stark warning about the potential consequences of a second Donald Trump term, insisting that her uncle would ‘destroy us’ if he returned to the White House.

“We are so turned around that many of us blame the man who has actually tried to fix the horrific damage his predecessor inflicted on all of us while giving a pass to the man who landed us here,” she wrote in a blog post on Substack.

“Not only is Donald getting a pass; tens of millions of (Americans) want to give him almost unlimited power which he will wield in ways that will destroy us.”

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