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I Was A Beneficiary If The Election Was Truly Rigged – Omololu Olunloyo

The military under the leadership of the Buhari/Idiagbon regime set up an Inquiry to look into several issues.

Olunloyo was never invited but protested: When the military government came, I went to Tunde) Idiagbon, and asked him. ‘Why did you take power from us? Because people were stealing money left, right and center, and we were the cleaners of the system.’ And they set up investigative panels.

He was amazed that somebody could come up to him and say this. They set up a commission of inquiry to probe that election. Justice Babalakin, a retired justice of the Supreme Court was the chairman.

Two days before their leaving, I wrote them. I said, ‘you ought to have summoned me. ‘’People have been shouting that the election was rigged. If it was rigged, I was a beneficiary of it. You have to hear my own side of the story.’ and went before the panel.

”I went to the inquiry. I said; ‘look, all these political parties, none of them is innocent. We all had our master plans. This is the master plan of the NPN.’ I tendered it.

“We also stole the master plan of the UPN, this is it. There are two copies. One is in the government office. We want you to compel the military government to release it. This one we stole.’ We tendered it.

“The NPP also had their master plan. These master plans have to be studied in order to beat rigging in the future.”

The UPN lawyer then came to me and said, “please, if you don’t attack Awolowo, we will not attack you.” I said, “how can I attack Awolowo? All of you use his image; you have no name of your own. I won’t touch Awolowo, he is a sacred horse.”


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