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How Chelsea Boss Sacked Players, Asks Manager Graham Potter To Assemble New Team

Chelsea Chairman and co-owner Todd Boehly has reportedly sacked all the Chelsea players and given Manager Graham Potter the opportunity to draft a brand new team of replacements in his own image.

According to a report which says, “while previous owner Roman Abramovich repeatedly backed Chelsea’s players over his Managers, the Todd Boehly-Clearlake Capital ownership are desperate for head coach Graham Potter to turn around the alarming slump and succeed”

“And are thus backing the Manager with the worst winning percentage at the club in the last 25 years.”

Recall, Chelsea’s expensively assembled squad – already hundreds of which millions have come out of the Clearlake-Boehly ownership group’s and their investors’ own proverbial pockets.

Even – will now take a complete backseat to a head coach who has shown little ability to handle the job since his appointment. What could possibly go wrong?

Potential outgoing players, according to the report, either now or at the end of the season could include Jorginho (out of contract), César Azpilicueta (out of legs), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (out of everything), with the likes of Hakim Ziyech and Christian Pulisic and Kai Havertz being shopped around.

Though only Ziyech has any chance of leaving this month, and even that isn’t seen as too great.

Besides, N’Golo Kanté and Mason Mount, the latter of whom could be the one and only player in the squad with any hope of having any actual “player power” these days, aren’t going anywhere.
“We can only hope Thiago Silva leaves with some dignity. Stay strong, Belle”, the report stated.

However, the report stated further that this does pay lip service to the idea that this isn’t a video game and you can’t just get rid of players by adding that “Chelsea’s biggest issue will be finding buyers and interested clubs for the highly-paid stars they are willing to sell and loan out”.

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