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Drug Reaction Possible Cause Of Mohbad’s Death – Autopsy Report

LAGOS, NIGERIA – The autopsy report of the late Mohbad, conducted at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), has unveiled a potential link between drug reaction and the singer’s demise.

Analysis of the toxicology report revealed the presence of Diphenhydramine in Mohbad’s remains, though not at levels considered fatal.

Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine commonly used to alleviate allergy symptoms and various other conditions.

Despite thorough examination of samples from Mohbad’s gastric content, blood, bone marrow, liver, kidney, and lung, no significant findings emerged to definitively determine the cause of death.

An injury on his right forearm was noted during the anatomical and pathological examination, but it was deemed unrelated to the cause of death.

It’s noteworthy that Mohbad’s body underwent moderate to severe decomposition before exhumation, following burial just two days after his passing. Despite this, no conclusive evidence was found to pinpoint the exact cuse of death.

While the presence of Diphenhydramine suggests a potential drug reaction, its concentration was not at lethal levels.

Other analyses for substance abuse, overdose, or common household poisoning yielded unremarkable results.

Unfortunately, the prompt burial and subsequent organ decomposition hindered a more comprehensive investigation.

A timely blood sample, crucial for determining a fatal anaphylactic shock, was unattainable due to the swift burial process.

As a result, while a fatal anaphylactic reaction remains a possible consideration, the exact cause of Mohbad’s death remains undetermined.

For further details, please refer to the attached report.

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