Saturday , May 28 2022
President Muhammadu Buhari


By Prophet Timothy Abass Arabambi

As a minister of God and a stakeholder in the joint project called NIGERIA and the nation, I have a prophetic message to tell Nigerians and the nation, we should not abandon God, as, God would not abandon us, as the world battles with the pandemic – COVID-19 2ND WAVE, that deadly disease ravaging the world, just as our leaders need to declare a National Day of Fasting and Prayer…and seek the face of God, for forgiveness and mercy. (II Chronicles 7:14).

It is a fact from the scriptures that God would not intervene in the affairs of men, except and unless somebody stands in the gap as an intercessor for a people or nation. As, God will not get involved in our affairs, but to the extent we grant Him permission.

Before God turns the captivity of a people or nation, something must go up in return, and that is the prayers of the saints. Our prayers give God the legal mandate to get involved in our case. God needs an intercessor, somebody to stand in the gap for a people or a nation.

All religious leaders in the country should continue praying for mercy and divine intervention, because only God can put an end to this COVID-19, just as the Scripture said in Matthew 26:28 “His blood is enough to cleanse us of all diseases” In times like this, prayer is most essential now to God, as, He, has the authority over everything. Isaiah 45:17 – “I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity, I, the Lord, do all these things”.

We all need to know that happenings all over the world now, are signals of end time, as predicted by Christ (Mathew 24:3-13). 2 Corr; 5:7 – Says – “Don’t walk by sight, but by faith”.

It only takes a man with spiritual understanding to know the direction God is taking Nigeria. The prayers of the saints offered throughout the country would not go in vain. God would heal our land, but, we really need to tow the path to genuine repentance, as, God will deal with the Pharaohs and Egyptians of our nation. My word of encouragement to the nation and leaders is to be courageous, as Corona Virus will soon become a thing of the past.

Also, all stakeholders – individuals, organization, communities etc. should go into farming, as, after COVID-19, there will be food shortage.

*Prophet Timothy Abass Arabambi (Assistant General Evangelist (AGE) writes from CAC Worldwide & G/O, CAC Reformation Land, Ibadan, Nigeria. 08037210363)

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