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Circumstances Inimical To The Progress Of Nigeria From Current Regime



It’s sad to note that most of the Nigeria political elites have not seen the urgent need to rescue the country from impending economic crisis as the present government seems not ready to provide the Nigeria’s poor masses a lease of life.

There are so many areas of the sectors where the government of President Muhammadu Buhari has failed this nation in high expectations of the fact that he was to move us positively forward, but alas! The reverse is the case; the situation is pitiful we need a supernatural hand or intervention to bring us out of this brink.

Nigeria is a great nation, with all sorts of positive potential especially in human resource, but do you know that the indices are in the negative; Hence my clarion call to all and sundry, most especially those in the Diaspora with a view to create a joint platform of economic recovery, creating funds for wealth of the people away from government.

I mean establishing more NGO’s that will be sincere about the socio-economies of the people. To create a direction for progress and the emancipation of this country from the likes of this political clowns.

We need more of the Elemelus, Jim Ovias, Otedolas and Adenugas in the millions with clear cut global best practices to move Nigerian with speed in the time frame of 10 years to meet up with the fast-developing world, such like Brazil, South Africa, China etc.

There is need to jettison a lot of the lackluster programmes of this government and create the new economic revolution of Nigeria to improve our living standards. Yes, we can have entities like Emirate Airlines, the Walmart, Yale Universities, Oxford, Amazon gigantic private entities or enterprises that will put Nigeria on the map of progressive states, instead of the negative narratives we have today: e.g. Poorest people of the world, highest number of children out of school, our power outage problems etc.

Sincere private entities/institutions should be encouraged, which is the way forward for Nigeria I rest my case.

So, many of our precarious circumstances, which is manmade, is retrogression to our socio-economical and infrastructure development.
*ABIODUN LAWAL is an Environmental Activist.

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