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Abayomi Oduneye cutting his 50th birthday cake

Life Is A Continuous Learning Process – Abayomi Oduneye ‘Izekor’ (Photos)

Izekor, the Birthday Boy at 50

…Friends, Family Serenade Izekor @ 50!

Abayomi Oludare Oduneye is son of the Late Chief Hector Olubiyi Oduneye of Ijebu-Imosan, in Odogbolu Local Government area of Ogun State and Mrs. Felicia Adejoke Oduneye from Ilaro-Yewa, in Yewa Local Government area of Ogun state. In this interview with AbuSatar Hamed, the celebrant fondly called Izekor opens up on his journey to 50 years in life. Excerpt.

Recently you celebrated 50 years, how was the celebration?

It was a glorious day I must confess. Personally, I did not plan any elaborate celebration, but unknown to me, my wife, my siblings, friends and colleagues had another agenda. I was shocked to the bone-marrow when I was taken to the an Event Centre, and seeing multitude of people making it down to Ilaro-Yewa from far and near just to celebrate me. It was a well-planned event and I everyone was well taken care of. I must commend the organizers for a job well-done.

Can you give us the list of crème of the society that graced the occasion?

Like I said earlier people came from far and near, my colleagues from Abuja, members of Ilaro Polytechnic Community, my Secondary School mates (Ex-May 83/88 Set), members of Recreation Club, Ilaro, Rotary Club, Ilaro, my childhood friends, my immediate and extended family. Honestly, the list is endless.

How do you see life at 50?

Well, I give God the glory for seeing me through to the 5th decade in life. Life as they say is not bed of roses, it comprises of the good and the bad. At 50 I’ll say life is a continuous learning process, we’ll learn from birth to death therefore one should take life as it comes. One guiding principle I have adopted is “do unto others what you want them do unto you” and be kind to humanity, irrespective of your situation.

What is your wish(s) in the next 10 years?

I pray for good health and blessings so I can be of help to humanity. I wish for a better world we live in, better governance and improved security of lives and property.

Izekor and his friends on the occasion.

Can you share your experience while growing up – with your peers, school mates, friends etc.?

Growing up to me was fun; being the last born of the family, my senior ones shower me with love and affection. I enjoyed my youth doing what is expected of a young chap of my age. Though, in my youthful days, I was stubborn to some extent, but as I grew up, maturity set in and I want to believe I am a better person now.

Do you have any memorable experience that you will never forget; either good or bad?  There is a particular experience I had at about age 8 or thereabout when I went to fetch water at a public water pump at my maternal grand Pa’s house. I was on the queue and one senior person came shouting, which I resisted and it led to serious fight, and I floored the ‘bros’, and I later ran home for cover.

I think that was the last time I ever fought. One thing is I don’t like cheating and will do anything to resist it. I think that was the time I ever fought.

Another experience was the loss of my beloved elder brothers: Bayo, Muyiwa & Bunmi Oduneye, it was not a pleasant experience and still hurts, but who are we to question Almighty God? I missed them so dearly and I pray that their souls continue to rest in peace.

Growing up, the deceased had so much impact in my life that I even inherited most of their friends till date, naturally I enjoy being among the elders for mentoring and it has really helped me, I must say.

How do you come about the alias – Izekor? The nickname Izekor was given to me by Jabar Adeosun, a friend to one of my late brothers (Muyiwa Oduneye). Then there’s this Camera Man with LTV 8 by name Yomi Izekor and I believe because of my first name Yomi, the Egbon just added Izekor and the name stayed till date.

Izekor (2nd left) flanked by some of his friends at the event.

What are your views about life?

Life is like gardening. I’ll justify this statement in the message I read in one of my favorite books. “We All Create Our Own Garden”. My mom used to say – Gardening was like life. Surely, plants depended on sun and soil, but the most important thing was the gardener. What choices did she make? Did she hack off roses with a dull blade? Did she overwater the ivy? Did she let wisteria grow wild, until it overran the walls, blocking all light in an insurmountable thicket of twisted vine? The garden you had showed the choices you’d made. What you’d done with the hand nature dealt you.

Who is Abayomi Oduneye? 

Abayomi is an easy-going person that tries to show love to people around him and beyond. Essentially, I run from troubles and just want to be happy.

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