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Amidst Cheating Allegations, Chioma Expresses Unwavering Love For Davido

LAGOS, NIGERIA – In a recent statement circulating online, Chioma Adeleke openly declared that marrying Davido was one of the most rewarding decisions she’s ever made in her life.

Chioma, who shares twins with the singer, shared her sentiments during a recent interview while addressing the cheating allegations surrounding her husband, Davido.

As Chioma turned 29, Davido treated her to a lavish birthday celebration in Jamaica, drawing admiration for their relationship and playful banter as husband and wife.

Chioma emphasized that she has no regrets about marrying Davido, praising him as the most charming, loving, and romantic partner she could have asked for.

Despite external pressures urging her to leave, she remains steadfast in her commitment, acknowledging that perfection is an illusion.

Her priority, she explained, is ensuring the happiness of her children and her husband, Davido.

She went on to express her unwavering devotion by asserting that if given the chance, she would marry Davido over and over again, for eternity.

In her words; “I’m not the type to speak about my marriage to anyone or on platforms like this. Marriage is a union between a man & woman and if there is anything to be discussed, it has to be between me & my husband.

“Well, since this question came up, let me make it clear…. Marrying David is one of the best decisions I ever took. He’s the most charming, loving and romantic man ever. No one is perfect. People say I should leave my husband because of this and that but the truth is, there’s no such thing as a perfect man.

“My baby keeps evolving and making genuine efforts to make me the happiest wife on Earth and I appreciate him for that. If I had to come back to earth 500 times, I will marry Davido 500 times. I have no regrets. Any time you see a smile on my face, know it’s because of him.”

Chioma however attributed her constant smile to Davido, emphasizing the joy he brings into her life and reaffirming her deep affection for him.

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