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ALAT By Wema Shows How To Live Soft Life In New Video

LAGOS – We are going through interesting times in the country today. Nigeria is a country blessed with a lot of potentials but it seems to struggle. The suboptimal developmental realities have put many Nigerians under a little more-than-normal pressure economically.

The high unemployment rate, high-interest rate, poor access to favourable credit, high inflation rate, and high cost of living just to name a few.

The better standard of living that is being enjoyed by citizens of other countries, especially those that are more advanced than we are, is not helping matters as it is a constant reminder to Nigerians of what they lack.

They, like their contemporaries the world over, want to be living in the fast lane too.

Unfortunately, this is a tall order. Life in this clime seems hard and challenging.

Many Nigerians seem to wonder how and when they can start enjoying soft living.

What such Nigerians do not know is that many people have already been enjoying soft lives far back as 2017.

These are the people who got on board the train of ALAT By Wema, the first fully digital bank in Nigeria and a flagship product of Wema Bank, the country’s oldest indigenous commercial Bank.

ALAT By Wema, according to a release e-signed and made available to StarTrend Int’l magazine & online – www.startrendinternational.com by Phillips Ilerioluwa of PR REDLINE LTD., the app is a branchless and paperless bank that has made it possible for prospective customers to open and operate a bank account without the stress of having to walk into a physical branch of a Bank.

It created a seamless sign-up process using a mobile phone, PC or tablet.

The ALAT app was also designed to match the customers’ lifestyles, help them save more and also give them access to exclusive group and personal savings, a free debit card, lifestyle benefits, up to four per cent annual interest, loans without collaterals and, above all, does not charge ridiculous fees like the everyday commercial Banks.

The app equally gives the customer all the banking control he needs with just a click as it makes all banking services available to customers anywhere, they can access the internet.

Little wonder the Bank gained over 250,000 customers who handled well over NGN 1.6 billion ($4.48m) deposits in its first year of operations.

To extend the soft lives being enjoyed by its privileged customers, ALAT By Wema released a one-minute video, titled “Wanna join the trybe,” Check out the video (www.alatbywema.com/trybe) where it listed five ways ALAT makes the life of anyone who operates an ALAT account ‘soft.’

It not only showed some benefits of operating the account, but also how prospecting customers who want to experience the ‘wonder’ product could enlist and operate an account with ALAT By Wema

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