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Afolabi Olabimtan Foundation, “The Promise Of Hope”

Afolabi Olabimtan Foundation (“AOF”) was founded in 2004 as a non-profit organization as part of the 1st year anniversary celebration of his death.
The overall guiding philosophy is the empowerment and emancipation of the indigent and gifted youths amongst us.
In trying to achieve this AOF has sought to do positive affirmative action by doing everything to reflect the national outlook of the organization and also to reach and impact substantially on the public that Afolabi Olabimtan had contact with during his lifetime.
We have come a long way since being founded and while we continue to provide financial assistance for education through scholarships, we have extended our scope of activities to include needs- based education to the grass root populace.
The current members of the Board of Trustees are: Senator Adolphus Wabara, Deacon Olalekan Dosunmu, Senator Mojisoluwa Akinfenwa, Alhaji Kashim Imam, Alhaji Segun Adeosun, Dr. O. Feyisetan and Prof Taiwo Edun, while Olaolu Olabimtan is the Secretary.
Late Senator (Prof.) Afolabi Olabimtan (B.A. (London), M.A., Ph.D., (Lagos) was born on June 11, 1932 at Ilaro, headquarters of Ogun West in Ogun State.
He had his education between 1939-1947 at Christ Church School, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria. Thereafter, he went to Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos (1948-1953), University College, Ibadan (1958-1961), Trinity College University of Dublin (1962- 1963) and University of Lagos, Lagos (1969-1974).
Late Senator (Prof.) Olabimtan had a stint at Federal Ministry of Health, Lagos as Clerical Officer between1954 and 1958; Graduate Teacher at Methodist Boys’ High School, Lagos (1961-1969); University Teacher, University of Lagos, Lagos (1961-1969); Chairman, Egbado Divisional Schools’ Board, Ilaro (1975-1976);
Ogun State Commissioner for Local Government & Information (1976-1978); Chairman, Government Council, Ogun State College of Education (1981-1983); Dean, Faculty of Arts, Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye (1983-1984); Chairman, Ogun State Council for Arts & Culture (1987-1988) and Director, Correspondence & Open Studies Institute, University of Lagos, Lagos (1984-1989).
He voluntarily retired from Public Service in 1989 after 35 years of service. He became Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing Ogun West Senatorial District between 1999 and 2003.
Prof. Olabimtan had made many publications before his demise, they include, Books – Oluwa L’o M’ejo Da – Olabimtan A. (1966), a play – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Kekere Ekun – Olabimtan A. (1967), a novel – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Aadota Arofo – Olabimtan A. (1969), an Anthology of his poem) – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Olaore Afotejoye – Olabimtan A. (1970), a play – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Ayanmo – Olabimtan A. (1973), a novel – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Ewi Orisirisi – Olabimtan A. (1974), an Anthology of his poems – Longman, Nigeria and “Iwure Niibi Iyo Ara” – Olabimtan A. (1975): a chapter in Olajubu, O. (ed.).
Others are about Iwe Asa Ibile Yoruba, published by Longman, Nigeria; Baba Rere – Olabimtan A. (1977), a novel – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; Ogbon Itopinpin Ewi Yoruba – Olabimtan A. (1980), a guide to Yoruba poetic Analysis – Macmillan Nigeria Publishers, Lagos; B’o Ti Gba – Olabimtan A. (1980), a play – Evans Brothers, Ibadan; Asa Yoruba – Olabimtan A. (ed.), 1984 – Macmillan Publishers, Ibadan; Ijinle Ede ati Litireso Yoruba – Olabimtan A. et. al. (1985), a Yoruba Course Book for Junior Secondary School Students – Evans Brothers (Nig.) Publishers Ltd.; Orilawe – (Novel) Ogbon N Itopinpin – Olabimtan A., Ijinle Ede Litireso Yoruba – Olabimtan, A. et. Al (1989), a Yoruba Course Book for Senior Secondary School Students – Evans Brothers (Nig.) Publishers Ltd., Ibadan; Akojopo Ewi Abalaye ati Ewi Apileko – Olabimtan A. (Ed.),1988 – Paper-back Publishers, Ibadan and Ore Meji – Olabimtan A. (1991), a novel – Longman, Nigeria.
His articles in learned journals are Ogede N Baje A Ni O N Pon’ – (1960) – Olokun: Ibadan, Pgs. 17-18; ‘Nje Arofo Yoruba Ni Eto? – (1961) – Olokun: Ibadan, Pgs. 22-23; ‘Ewo Niki A Gba Ninu Asa Alasa – (1967) – Olokun: Ibadan, Pgs. 5-7; ‘The Problems Of Teaching Yoruba In Lagos Schools & Colleges The Nigerian School Master – (1972) – Journal of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, Lagos Pgs. 10-15; ‘Gelede’ – (1972) – Olokun, Ibadan, Pgs. 10, 37-41; ‘Religion as a Theme in Fagunwa’s Novels, Odu A Journal of West African Studies – (1974) – University of Ife, No. II, 101-144; Symbolism in Yoruba Traditional Incantatory Poetry’ (1974) Lagos Notes & Records, Journal of African Studies, University of Lagos, Vol. V, 36-44 and ‘Spiritual Hierarchy in Yoruba Traditional Religion (1974) – Journals of Religious Thought Howard, Vol. XXXI, No.1, 44-58.
Others are ‘A review of Bascom’s Ifa Divination’ (1975) – Black Orpheus, Vol.3,1-2, 99-100; ‘Problems of Explication of Publishers Oral Poemst’ (1975) – The Examples of Ese Ifa in Yoruba Oral Literature’ Oduma, Vol.2, No.2, 37-43; Rhythm in Yoruba Poetry: The Example of Orin – Arungbe’, (1977) – Research in African Literatures: Texas, Vol.8, No.2, 201 – 218; Teaching Nigerian languages in Schools, Problem & Prospects within the context of the National Policy in Education (1977); Proceedings of the Seminar on the Implementation of t he National Policy on Education. Ayetoro 1977, 195 -215; Language & Style in Obasa’s Poetry’ Yoruba Oral Traditions (1979) – University of Ife, Ife Pgs.1031-1069; African ‘Juju’: Myth or Reality’ (1979) Gbongan, Ibadan, No 8, 4 – 10 and ‘Yoruba Poetic Structure: The Example of Orin-Arungbe Poems’ Yoruba Studies Today (1988) – Essays in Honour of Saburi Biobaku.
He has also written articles such like Form & Meaning in Yoruba Riddles’ (1982) – Kisbara, Journal of the Humanities, University of Port-Harcourt; A. ‘Political Thought in Fagunwa’s Novels’ – Forthcoming in Fagunwa Memorial Essays, – Educational Book (Nig.) Ltd.; ‘Problems & Prospects of Traditional Rulers in the New Local Government System with Particular Reference to Ogun State of Nigeria’ (1979) – Proceedings of the National Conference on Local Government Reforms, A. B.U., Zaria. ‘Efe Poets as Moudlers of Opinion’ (1980) – Proceedings of the Seminar on Traditional Oral Poetry in some Nigerian Communities, Zaria, January and The Efe / Gelede poets of Egbado Ketu’ ‘Oral Poetry in Nigerian, Lagos (1981).
Research completed included An investigation of the problems of teaching Yoruba in Lagos Schools and Colleges, A literary study of Ofo and Ayajo: Two categories of Yoruba Traditional Incantatory Poetry, A critical Study of Yoruba written poetry 1848 – 1948, A literary study of Efe Poetry of Egbado Yoruba and A critical study of the impact of the role of traditional title holders in Local Government Administration (1952 – 1976) on Yoruba Traditions.
His extra-curricular activities include former member of the Nigerian Languages Working Party, former member of the International Panel for HSC/GCE A/L in West African Languages, former WAEC Chief Examiner in A/L Yoruba (1974 – 1976), External Examiner for Higher Degrees, University of Ibadan, Ibadan (1976 & 1978, 1979, 1980/1981, 1981/1982. 1984), External Examiner for the University of Ife, (1979, 1980, 1981, and 1984), External Examiner for the Lagos State University, (1988, 1989), Editor, Fagunwa Memorial Essays and Editor, Langbasa, the Yoruba Journal of the Department of African Languages & Literatures.
Other are Member of the University Tenders Board (1970 – 1972), Member of the University Ceremonies Sub-Committee (1971/1972), Patron of the Nigeria Folk Dancing Club , Chairman, Ogun State Local Government Reforms Committees (1979), Chairman, University House Allocation Committee, (1980-1982), Member, Academic Planning Committee of the University, Chairman, Management Board, Centre for Cultural Studies University of Lagos, Lagos, Chairman, Students Welfare Board, University of Lagos, (1984-1985) and Member, Advisory Committee on Funding of Education in Ogun State (1985).
Membership of and post held in learned societies include Assistant Secretary, Egbe Ijinle Yoruba, Lagos, Member of the Society for the Scientific study of religion, Member of the Association of African Writers and former Vice President of the Yoruba Studies Association of Nigeria, 1981 – 1982,
Others are Fellow of the West African Aggrey Society, Executive Member of the Association of Writers in Yoruba, Member of the West African Linguistic Society, Member of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria and Member of the Nigerian Folklore Society.
National and International recognition he bagged included Who’s Who In The World 5th Edition 1980 – 1981, Who’s Who In The Commonwealth – 1982, International Register Of Profiles – 6th Editionn. 1982, the International Who’s Who Of Intellectuals, Vol. 5, 1983, the International Who’s Who Of Intellectuals, Vol. 6, 1985 and Newswatch Who’s Who In Nigeria, 1990.

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