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Gospel Sensation Sade Akingbade Unveils ‘Great Love’ Album – A Gospel Music Marvel

Minstrel Sade Akingbade, a Gospel artist known for her distinctive style, is set to launch her highly anticipated album, “Great Love”.

Displaying remarkable prowess in both composition and vocals, a sneak peek of the five-track album reveals a blend of excellence and the essence of modern gospel music.

Akingbade’s release showcases her transformative approach to gospel music, highlighting her skill as a singer and worship leader.

Release on December 1, 2023, the album catapulted her band, Hosanna Voices International, to global recognition.

In a recent conversation with StarTrend Int’l, the velvet-voiced minstrel shared her journey: “My musical journey started early in the Church. Despite challenges, I never imagined reaching this far. Music was ingrained in my family, and I thrived singing alto in every group.

“For me, music is a pathway to drawing closer to God. It permeates every facet of my life. Prioritizing God ensures an eternal perspective.”

Akingbade, having released seven albums to date, is excited about the meticulous production helmed by her producer, Paul Muyiwa Awotunsin.

“Pioneering change in gospel music is an honour. Today’s gospel scene thrives on unique instrumentation and compositions. There’s still ground to cover, but we’re steadily progressing,” she remarked confidently.

Reflecting on her journey, she added, “God’s faithfulness has been unwavering. Setting up an altar of praise transformed my life. It was a pivotal moment.”

Aside from the title track, “Great Love,” the album features standout tracks like “Ire” (Goodness), “Ase Irorun,” “Owo Aanu” (Mercy Hand), and a medley titled “Thank You Jesus.”

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