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Maureen Badejo

Attack On Olukoyas, London High Court Hammered Maureen Badejo, Ask Her To Pay Damages, Apologise

By Femi Oyewale

Lagos – The controversial Maureen Badejo who constantly spoke maliciously and carelessly about the Olukoyas and Mountain of Fire Ministry (MFM), accused of deceiving the world with her bunch of lies and cooked up stories has been hammered into humiliation on Friday, October 22, 2021, by the High Court of Justice in London.

“If there is anything like waiting for the truth to find people out, it cannot be better than this. At last, my long-term pursuit of the truth has finally prevailed upon the wicked and the callous.”

It would be recalled that in the matter of “Olukoya vs Badejo”, the Court has ordered that Maureen Badejo must pay a 6 figure sum of money immediately in damages to both Dr. and Mrs. Olukoya. alongside 10 Day Apology Broadcast on all her nine social media channels.

In awarding them judgment and damages, the Court recognised the prolonged intense and malicious campaign conducted by Badejo against the Olukoyas who had never met her nor heard of her until she started her campaign.

The Court said that Maureen Badejo’s campaign went to the Olukoyas’ professional integrity and their reputations and had been widely publicised by Maureen Badejo, noting that Badejo has refused to apologise in any way for her gross misconduct.

It was also ordered by the Court that Maureen must publish a summary of its judgment across 9 of her social media channels for a period of 10 days as a corrective measure to ensure the judgment reached all of her viewers and followers.

However, Badejo continued to maintain that she was speaking the truth and could not afford the costs of publishing the summary of the judgment on her channels, but observers of the scene were of the opinion that they would see how that works out for her.

It scooped that Dr. Olukoya’s lawyers have written to Maureen Badejo demanding payment of damages due to their client.

“This is an overwhelming victory and a complete vindication of Dr. and Mrs. Olukoya reputation. I have said it times without number that a true man of God will never run away from the antics of the devil, this lady and her cohort thought they could batter, extort and exploit the humility and kindness of the general overseer of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries, but now all have backfired.

“I warned you Maureen and told you not to mess with the apple of God’s eye, but you didn’t listen, instead, you made a show about me and threatened to destroy me, but who is on the destruction path now? time has given birth to the truth.”

The Olukoyas were represented by Ms. Shubha Nath, Solicitor and CEO of Nath Solicitors, London, a boutique firm specialising in social media defamation. Ms. Shubha Nath who is based in London Mayfair, representing celebrities, including members of the Royalty and Hollywood stars amongst others.

Counsel was Mr Jonathan Price of Doughty Street Chambers.
Observers of the scene were of the opinion that “Maureen Badejo took more than what she can chew and now she is FINISHED I can assure you that she may want to say some cock and bull stories about this judgment in her lousy show, but we await her apologies and all the court has asked her to do, and we are watching closely.

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